Joe Medina

aka Joseph Paul Medina

Joe MedinaJoe Medina, founder of Daily Bread Ministries, was born December 9, 1946, in High Point, North Carolina.Joe was the oldest son in a family of five. He was raised in the Catholic Church where he attended parochial school through the eighth grade. He graduated from Central High School in High Point and attended a technical college in Jacksonville, Florida. After graduating from technical college, he enlisted in the Army where he served for three years. In 1969, he married Kay Jones and moved to Fort Payne, Alabama. He received Christ as his Savior in 1971 through the testimony and ministry of Jackie Ables who owned a local Christian book store. For many years, Joe was a salesman and later served as regional vice-president of Primerica Financial Services. While still in the business world, Joe became an ordained minister and spoke in various churches and held home Bible studies. In 1984, Daily Bread Ministries was formed which also consisted of a tape-of-the-month program. In 1987, Joe, his wife, and their children, Melissa and David, moved to Birmingham, Alabama. In 1996, Joe began a Bible study at The Guiding Light Church in Irondale, Alabama. A tape-of-the-week program was added in 2002. Now a full time minister and prayer counselor, Joe conducts a weekly Bible Study at Guiding Light Church.