About Us

Daily Bread Ministries is a nonprofit organization approved by the IRS in February, 1985. Joe and Kay Medina are the founders of this ministry and continue to be its directors. The purpose of Daily Bread Ministries covers a broad range of human needs within the Body of Christ.

Reaching Out

In addition to this aspect of the ministry, beginning in June, 1984, we started a tape of the month program which continues to this present day. Starting in 2002, we added a tape of the week program.

Our Vision

Our mission is to call forth each member of the Body of Christ equipping them with a vision of their own purpose. In 1995, we started a local Bible study that meets every Thursday morning and Thursday night. Our vision for the future is to be a part of the great revival that is now breaking upon the Body of Christ. We feel a great urgency to be prepared to equip those who will be in this great harvest. Within the past few years, we have also begun to support other ministries within our area focusing on meeting basic needs such as food and clothing. We also support ministries who are involved with ministering to those who are just coming out of prison. We believe that Jesus is soon to return and that Matthew 25:35-36 has a literal fulfillment which we are seeking to fulfill in this present hour. We also believe that we are now in a time when the Body of Christ is going to go through a restoration process that will get back all that the enemy has stolen.